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Photos and descriptions of Black medic Broadleaf and blackseed plantain Plantago major L. and P. rugelii has anyone ever gotten black seeds? i mean like really black…not grey or dark, but blackish purplish seeds? if so what was your experience with them…

Black medic ( Medicago lupulina )

Black medic is a low-growing summer or winter annual broadleaf plant that sometimes behaves as a short-lived perennial. It is found throughout California, except for deserts, to about 8200 feet (2500 m). Black medic is common in turf and inhabits agricultural land and disturbed areas. It is good forage for livestock and sometimes is cultivated for pasture or as a cover crop. However, black medic seed is a common contaminant in commercial alfalfa and clover seed.


Grassland, pastures, vegetable and agronomic crop fields (especially alfalfa), orchards, vineyards, gardens, lawns, roadsides and other disturbed, unmanaged places.


Cotyledons (seed leaves) are oblong, smooth, and about 1/6 to 1/3 of an inch (4–9 mm) long. The first leaf is oval and broader than it is long, with a smooth edge. True leaves are fully subdivided consisting of three egg-shaped leaflets with toothed edges and resemble leaves of the mature plant.

Mature plant

The main stem branches near the base. Stems grow prostrate or prostrate with tips pointing upward and can reach 1-1/3 feet (40 cm) long. The plant is hairy, especially the stems. Leaves are alternate to one another along the stem. Leaves are fully divided into three egg- to heart-shaped leaflets with somewhat toothed edges. Leaflets are about 2/5 to 7/10 of an inch (1–2 cm) long and finely toothed at the tip, which often bares a tiny, slender tooth. The stalk of the middle leaflet is longer than those of the lateral leaflets. Black medic is distinguished from California burclover by its hairy leaves; the latter has nearly hairless leaves. Also the small leaflike structures (stipules) at the bases of leaf stalks are not deeply lobed and have smooth edges or a few shallow teeth in black medic, whereas those of California burclover are deeply lobed, slender and curved.

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Flowers bloom from April through July. Usually ten to twenty yellow, slender, pealike flowers densely cluster to form a rounded flower head.


Fruits are kidney-shaped pods about 1/12 to 1/8 of an inch (2–3 mm) long, strongly veined, and black at maturity. Each pod contains one seed, but does not open to release seeds.


Seeds are oval to barely kidney shaped, smooth, yellowish to olive green, about 1/12 of an inch (2 mm) long, and have a small sharp point on the concave side.

Blackseed and broadleaf plantain

Family: Plantaginaceae (Plantain family)
Life cycle: Perennial, reproducing by seed
Native status: Broadleaf plantain is introduced to N. America, whereas blackseed plantain is native
Habitat: Turf, landscapes, waste areas

General description: Basal rosette of smooth, elliptic to oval leaves, up to 7 in long and 4 in wide. Leaves have prominent veins and usually inconspicuous hairs. As leaves mature the margins tend to get wavy. Flowers are inconspicuous, produced on a leafless stalk up to 10 in long. Flowers arranged in a spike that covers at least ¾ of the stalk. Has a fibrous root system.

Key ID traits: Rosette of oval leaves with prominent veins.

Similar species: Blackseed plantain can be difficult to differentiate from broadleaf plantain. Blackseed plantain usually has a red tinge at the base of leaf petioles and lacks hairs on leaf blades. Blackseed plantain has dull, black seeds whereas those of broadleaf are shiny and light to dark brown.

Miscellaneous: The plantains once were much more problematic as lawn weeds. They are much more susceptible to the growth regulator herbicides that are commonly used on lawns than many other perennial weeds. One reason for their greater sensitivity to herbicides than dandelion is the plantains have a fibrous root system rather than a taproot found on dandelions. The taproot stores more energy reserves than a fibrous root system, increasing the ability to come back from herbicide treatments.

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Oval leaves with long, flat petioles characteristic of plantain. The red base of petiole suggests this is blackseed plantain.

Seedheads of broadleaf (left) and buckhorn (right) plantain

Successful weeds adapt to stresses in the environment. This plantain is able to survive a mowing height of 0.5″ or less in a creeping bentgrass golf fairway.

Black Seeds?

has anyone ever gotten black seeds? i mean like really black. not grey or dark, but blackish purplish seeds? if so what was your experience with them?

reason i ask is i just ordered a bunch of seeds, and got a bunch of freebies along with it. and there is one strain that i got 2 seeds from as freebies, and the seeds are almost purple/black they are so dark.

rubthe nub
Old Pharmer

In the early ’70s the Rastamen who taught me a buncha stuff,
spent hours and hours all the time going through seeds;
looking for black seeds that were shaped like a pyramid–
anyone ever seen any seeds like that.

rubthe nub
Premium Member

We used to get black seeds in mexi brick weed all the time. When grown and properly taken care of the herb was pretty good. Some really long sati phenos in them tho.

Best of luck. Peace

We used to get black seeds in mexi brick weed all the time. When grown and properly taken care of the herb was pretty good. Some really long sati phenos in them tho.


Yep the Black seeds I know of are from Mexican brick weed That I have seen also.
I have a buddy up in the hills who still grows it because it is Friggin hardy plant and not to bad a bud.

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Joe Fresh

ok cool, well i got these as freebies when placing an order, they are from “710 genetics”..they doint seem to have any reviews that i can find, and theyr genetic base looks kind of weak, i believe this strain was called andomina, oh well i guess i shall be in for surprise. i was hoping to hear about some sort of special traits, but i guess if they are not up to par they will be chucked outdoors for the summer. got too many beans started right now

rubthe nub

Expectation plays a big role in the plants outcome, bad vibes induced hormonal confusion which in turn hightends intersex traits, keep a a prepubescent male around to balance that out. Should be a good one. I’m glued.


Could simply be the how ripe they are. THey have often grown out fine in my exp.

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