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Looking for CBD oil in Alabama? Laws can be confusing and they’re changing all the time. Here, we’ll clear the air for CBD laws in Alabama. We take a look at the brand new medical marijuana program in Alabama and how CBD could help to fill the gap while it gets up and running.

Cannabis Laws In Alabama: CBD, Δ8, Δ9, Δ10, HHC, & More

Looking for CBD oil in Alabama? The laws can be confusing, and they’re changing all the time. Here, we review the laws around marijuana and hemp use within the state and discuss some of the major changes regarding CBD oil over the past couple of years.

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Although recreational marijuana use is illegal and medicinal use is limited, there are still options for getting cannabis products in Alabama.

Alabama’s marijuana laws are a little tighter when compared to some of the other states (looking at you California and Colorado); however, it is still possible to obtain CBD oils legally.

It’s then useful to examine Alabama’s laws a little closer to protect yourself and make an informed decision.

1. All Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids Legal | Marijuana Medical Use Only

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Is CBD Legal in Alabama in 2022?

The laws regarding CBD oils and marijuana in Alabama are complicated.

How the laws are applied depends on whether the CBD oil was derived from industrial hemp or the marijuana plant.

Marijuana and the active ingredient THC (the chemical compound that causes the user to feel high) are still considered illegal federally in the United States.

Although the two plants are in the same family, only CBD oils derived from the industrial hemp plant are approved for use.

One argument in favor of hemp-derived CBD oils is that because they contain a low level of THC, they don’t get the user high and are less likely to be abused.

It’s important to understand the differences to make sure you get the right product for your needs and avoid getting into trouble with the law.

Is Marijuana Legal in Alabama in 2022?

Medical marijuana is legal, but recreational is still illegal.

Getting caught in possession of marijuana in Alabama can come with heavy penalties.

It’s a misdemeanor the first time you’re caught with small amounts, but after that, it becomes a felony.

This extends to derivatives of marijuana like CBD oils containing THC.

Medical Marijuana in Alabama

In 2021, SB 46, the Darren Wesley ‘Ato’ Hall Compassion Act passed, making medical marijuana accessible to qualified people. There are sixteen conditions that can make you eligible if other treatments have failed.

This will improve the state’s previous program.

In 2014 Alabama introduced Carly’s Law, which allowed the University of Alabama in Birmingham to conduct a limited study for the use of CBD oils to treat seizures in a small number of patients.

The defense provided by Carly’s Law ended July 1, 2019. Luckily, the law was renewed after Gov. Kay Ivey signed Senate Bill 236 into law. The new expiration date of Carly’s Law will be July 1, 2020.

Another law was introduced in 2016, called Leni’s Law, that allowed trace amounts of THC to be used in CBD oils. This amount is not to exceed 0.03% THC concentration.

Under these specific circumstances, a person may be allowed to use CBD oils to treat severe symptoms of epilepsy and other conditions.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Alabama in 2022?

Delta 8 THC is legal in Alabama.

You might not be able to get much as far as marijuana goes, but you can use delta 8.

Why does this matter? Delta 8 is an isomer of delta 9 (THC), which means it acts much the same way. Pretty much anything you’d use marijuana for, you can use delta 8 for, whether it’s recreational or medicinal.

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This cannabinoid became legal by default, much the same way CBD did. It’s from hemp and has less than 0.3% THC, so falls under the federal description of a legal hemp product. Sound iffy? Many governments think so, unfortunately. Some states have already banned it, even though it’s milder than delta 9.

Where to Buy Delta 8 THC

This will sound like repeat information, and in a way it is, but only because it’s important.

You can buy delta 8 online and in stores near you, but without third-party tests, you don’t know what’s really in the product. Many companies add chemicals to make it more potent or don’t know what they’re doing and leave harmful chemicals in the delta 8. Either way, it’s not good.

When you shop online, you can pull up the lab tests, information about the company, and customer reviews — all helpful in separating the bad from the good.

However, even online shopping can be daunting due to the overwhelming number of companies.

Here are three delta 8 vendors that sit at the top because of their relentless commitment to quality:

How to Buy CBD Oil in Alabama

Although the law can make finding legal CBD oils tricky, it is still possible to purchase hemp-derived products.

However, some companies are sketchy. Tests have revealed that some of these products do not contain any CBD oil at all and others are essential much more than advertised. This can affect how effective the product is for its intended purpose.

These inconsistencies are partly because the industry is relatively new and not fully regulated. Therefore, companies can make claims that may not be entirely true.

Don’t fret! There are a few small steps you can take to ensure you are getting a quality product. First, always make sure that it is coming from an industrial hemp plant. If it is being made with the use of marijuana or THC, you may find yourself in hot water.

Second, you can check to see if the company’s products are tested by a third-party lab. These tests should confirm that the product has the correct amount of CBD and is free from other contaminants.

Lastly, if the company is making outrageous claims or stating that its products can treat anything under the sun, it is a good sign to be cautious. CBD is useful as a health supplement and treats many symptoms but it isn’t going to fix your broken arm.

You must do your research. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on CBD oils, make sure that you will be reaping the benefits.

Online Shops

Usually, the easiest and safest way to purchase your CBD oils is through a trustworthy online store.

Additionally, this is the most convenient method because it doesn’t require you to leave your home. It also allows you to quickly compare prices and products without having to drive from location to location.

Plus, it opens the door to hundreds of products at competitive prices. You may also be able to find items that may not be available in your local stores including edibles, tinctures, creams, balms, extracts, and even products for your pets.

You can find CBD locally, but just make sure you check the source.

Ending Notes on Buying CBD Oil in Alabama

CBD oil and delta 8 are increasing in popularity across the US, and Alabama is no exception.

As the health and wellness benefits are studied and revealed, it’s no wonder why everyone is trying to get their hands on it.

Although you may be able to find CBD oil and delta 8 in your local Alabama stores, it is difficult to ensure that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

The easiest and best way to find products that work for you is to find a trusted supplier online.

It’s often cheaper, faster, and more convenient than purchasing from a local store.

Buying online also allows you to compare companies’ prices and products to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

CBD Oil in Alabama [2022 Updated Guide]

For cannabis and hemp users across the United States, these plants’ laws are often confusing. We know that marijuana is federally illegal. However, MMJ is legal in a significant majority of states.

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CBD isn’t legal federally, but industrial hemp with a maximum THC content of 0.3% by dry weight is. One would expect that CBD oil is easy and legal to purchase in medical marijuana states. Yet even this isn’t always the case as few states have dedicated CBD laws.

The guides we create at WayofLeaf are designed to help you understand the laws of each state. Today, we look at the legality of CBD oil in Alabama, investigate the state’s marijuana laws, and outline the best places to purchase cannabidiol in the Yellowhammer State.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama?

CBD is broadly tolerated in Alabama, and it is one of the few states that has created specific rules revolving around the substance. In July 2019, Governor Kay Ivey signed SB 225 into law. It rescheduled and redefined CBD to align with federal rules. This legislation enabled pharmacies in Alabama to sell CBD products.

In 2019, inspired by its medical potential and public pressure, Alabama legalized CBD products.

Before the bill was signed, it was illegal for pharmacies to sell CBD products, although quick marts and gas stations sold them. This decision came hot on the heels of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp cultivation in the United States as long as it contains a maximum of 0.3% THC.

SB 225 came five years after the first piece of legislation that allowed limited usage of cannabidiol in Alabama.

Carly’s Law in Alabama

Governor Robert Bentley signed the first bill that permitted CBD oil in Alabama in April 2014. Known as Carly’s Law, it allowed the University of Alabama to provide non-intoxicating CBD oil to children with debilitating seizures as part of a clinical study. The legislation enabled individuals or caregivers to use affirmative defense if caught in possession of CBD oil containing up to 3% THC.

The bill was named after Carly Chandler, a little girl from the Birmingham region who has a rare genetic disorder that causes a high frequency of daily seizures. Carly’s Law was renewed in 2019.

Leni’s Law in Alabama

In May 2016, Governor Bentley signed Leni’s Law. It was named in honor of Leni Young, a young girl who used CBD and saw an enormous reduction in seizure frequency. However, the state still restricted access to cannabinoids at the time, and patients required a doctor’s recommendation to access CBD.

Does CBD really work?…

However, it did expand the affirmative defense permitted under Carly’s Law to include anyone with a debilitating disease or medical condition involving seizures. Leni’s Law also capped the legal THC content of CBD products for patients at 3%.

Steps Towards CBD Tolerance

The above laws were small but significant steps towards CBD and hemp acceptance in Alabama.

In 2016, the state legislature passed the Alabama Industrial Hemp Research Program Act. It decreed that the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) had to create a licensing and inspection program for industrial hemp cultivation. The ADAI developed regulations by September 2018, which effectively permitted CBD products with a maximum of 0.3% THC by dry weight.

Within months, the 2018 Farm Bill formally legalized the growth of hemp with no more than 0.3% THC. Soon enough, the state’s Attorney General, Steve Marshall, made an important announcement. He affirmed that CBD products sold by licensed vendors with a maximum of 0.3% THC by dry weight were legal in Alabama.

SB 225 has all but ended the debate on CBD legality in Alabama. You are free to purchase products containing cannabidiol from pharmacies in the state if you’re aged 18+. However, there are plenty of other vendors offering high-quality CBD in Alabama, both online and offline.

How to Buy CBD Oil in Alabama?

There seem to be no limits on the amount of hemp-derived CBD oil you can buy as an adult in Alabama. It is possible to purchase CBD oil from dedicated stores, along with wellness and health food stores. Here are five such locations with excellent reputations.

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Name of Store

152 W Valley Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209

2082 AL-14, Prattville, AL 36066

3457 Malcolm Dr, Montgomery, AL 36116

1452 Opelika Rd Ste B, Auburn, AL 36830

Tiger Vapor of Montgomery

7857 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Alabama Online?

If you want convenience, a greater range of CBD products, and potentially better value for money, you can shop online through a brand’s official website. Most CBD companies find that they have little difficulty sending CBD to Alabama. No matter what product you buy, make sure it includes third-party lab reports.

Here are five of the top-rated CBD brands in the United States that ship products to Alabama:

What Are the Marijuana Laws in Alabama?

Governor Kay Ivey signed Senate Bill 46 into law in May 2021. It permits the use of marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation for a select group of qualifying medical conditions. It is only possible to use MMJ if a physician certifies that traditional medications have failed to help your condition. The bill does not permit the sale or use of food products such as candies or cookies.

Know exactly what’s involved…

Cannabis Penalties in Alabama

It is almost certain that Alabama MMJ patients can’t buy the substance before 2023. Therefore, the existing penalties for cannabis use in Alabama will apply until then.

At present, possessing any amount of marijuana in Alabama is a misdemeanor. You could receive up to one year in prison and a $6,000 fine for being caught with one gram! If you have weed for anything other than personal use, it is a Class C Felony. This means a mandatory minimum of one year and one day in prison with a fine of up to $15,000. The maximum sentence is ten years.

The sale of any amount is a felony with a mandatory minimum of two years, increasing to 20 years. The sale of cannabis by someone aged 18+ to a minor could result in 10 years to life in jail. Also, the cultivation of any amount is classified as Manufacture Second Degree and comes with a mandatory minimum prison term of two years, possibly rising to two decades!

Currently, there are penalties for cannabis use in Alabama. Sale is a felony, and cultivation can also warrant hefty prison sentences.

If you live in Brookside, please be warned that at present, law enforcement is enforcing marijuana laws more strictly than virtually anywhere else in the state. Police in the town regularly file charges for low-level possession.

In March 2021, an Alabama Senate Committee approved a bill to decriminalize cannabis possession. The proposal would ensure that the possession of up to two ounces is a simple violation. The offense would result in a fine of up to $250.

The bill also provides that an individual convicted of possession could ask the courts to expunge their conviction. The court can grant it if the individual has no other violations, misdemeanors, or felonies in the previous five years.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Alabama

The state of Alabama has yet to decriminalize marijuana officially. However, it recently passed a medical marijuana bill into law. Eligible patients will have the chance to apply for an MMJ card in late 2022 but must wait until 2023 to purchase weed legally. Until then, the current laws and penalties remain in place.

If you’re caught in possession of a tiny amount of marijuana, you could go to prison. However, it seems likely that the state will introduce decriminalization sooner rather than later.

As for CBD oil, it is now legal to purchase in Alabama if it comes from hemp and contains a maximum of 0.3% THC. Alabama residents have a wide variety of options, as there don’t seem to be many CBD product restrictions.

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