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In healthy volunteers, no evidence of withdrawal syndrome was found with abrupt discontinuation of short-term treatment with CBD. Can it cause problems if you were to suddenly stop taking CBD? With regular medication it’s advised to not abruptly stop taking them. Is that true for CBD?

Abrupt withdrawal of cannabidiol (CBD): A randomized trial

Rationale: The rationale of this study was to assess occurrence of withdrawal symptoms induced by abrupt cessation of cannabidiol (CBD) after prolonged administration in healthy volunteers.

Methods: Thirty volunteers were randomized to receive 750 mg of a plant-derived pharmaceutical formulation of highly purified CBD in oral solution (100 mg/mL; Epidiolex® in the United States and Epidyolex® in Europe) twice daily (b.i.d.) for 4 weeks (Part 1) followed by 2 weeks of 750 mg b.i.d. CBD (Part 2, Arm 1) or matched placebo (Part 2, Arm 2). All volunteers completed the Cannabis Withdrawal Scale (CWS) and the 20-item Penn Physician Withdrawal Checklist (PWC-20) on days -1, 21, 28, 31, 35, 42, and at follow-up.

Results: Median CWS and PWC-20 scores slightly decreased from Part 1 to Part 2. Median CWS scores ranged from 0.0 to 4.0 (out of a possible 190) in Arm 1 and 0.0 to 0.5 in Arm 2. Median PWC-20 scores were 0.0 (out of a possible 60) in both arms. Twenty-nine (97%) volunteers in Part 1 reported all-causality treatment-emergent adverse events (AEs); the most commonly reported was diarrhea (63%). In Part 2, Arm 1, 6 (67%) volunteers reported all-causality AEs; the most commonly reported was diarrhea (44%). In Part 2, Arm 2, 9 (75%) volunteers reported all-causality AEs; the most commonly reported was headache (58%). Nine volunteers withdrew because of AEs in Part 1; 1 withdrew in Part 2, Arm 2, because of an AE that began in Part 1. Four severe AEs were reported in Part 1; the remainder were mild or moderate. No serious AEs were reported.

Conclusion: In healthy volunteers, no evidence of withdrawal syndrome was found with abrupt discontinuation of short-term treatment with CBD.

Keywords: Cannabidiol; Cannabinoid; Drug withdrawal; Epilepsy; Seizure.

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Conflict of interest statement

Declaration of competing interest All authors met the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors authorship criteria. Neither honoraria nor payments were made for authorship. Lesley Taylor was an employee of GW Research Ltd. at the time the work was completed. Julie Crockett is an employee of GW Research Ltd. and has share options in the company. Bola Tayo is an employee of GW Research Ltd. and owns shares in the company. Daniel Checketts is an employee of GW Research Ltd. Kenneth Sommerville was an employee of Greenwich Biosciences, Inc. at the time the work was completed.

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Is It Alright To Just Stop Taking CBD?

Can you run into problems if you were to just stop taking CBD? Regular medication prescriptions often state that quitting suddenly is not advised. Is that also the case with CBD? The general advice not to stop abruptly comes from the fact that certain medicines cause you to become dependent. This blog explains whether this is also true for CBD, as well as whether you can stop taking CBD without consequences.

The Influence Of CBD On Your Body

In recent years, a lot of research has focused on the effectiveness of CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid, which is extracted from the hemp plant. Although it’s a cannabinoid of vegetable origins, it can influence the body. We humans have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which functions as a regulator on many physical processes.

Usually, these processes run their course without problems. But disturbances can occur. This could reveal itself as, among others, anxiety, sleeping problems, stress or high blood pressure. B eing a cannabinoid, CBD has the ability to influence the way the ECS functions and restore the balance.

Mental Or Physical Addiction

You can get addicted to a substance, when you become mentally or physically dependent of it. You get used to the effect it has on you. The moment you quit, you’ll notice you can’t do without the substance. Also, as tolerance builds up, you’ll need more and more of the addictive drug or remedy, to get the desired effect. People can develop addictions to medications, drugs and alcohol, but also to habits, like gambling or sports.

To answer the question whether or not you can suddenly stop taking CBD, it’s important to know if a substance is addictive or not. Stopping all of a sudden can be fine, as long as you haven’t grown addicted to the compound. Research shows that CBD is not addictive; mentally nor physically. Because you can’t get dependent of it, you won’t get any withdrawal symptoms.

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Many people think that CBD has the same effect as THC, because they both come from the hemp plant. This is not the case. The effect CBD has is completely different and it won’t get you high. THC can get mentally addictive over time. This doesn’t happen with CBD.

Are There Any Consequences To Quitting CBD?

It’s safe to just stop taking CBD. Still, there can be consequences. You were using CBD oil, CBD tablets or CBD edibles for a reason: you had some health concerns. Because you (temporarily) stopped taking CBD, these symptoms could indeed return.

Some people have experienced that this can happen relatively fast. If you took CBD because you couldn’t get a good night’s sleep, within a couple of days you might find that you’re suffering from insomnia again. Or maybe your headaches return, or PMS or stress complaints resurface.

So there is a difference from withdrawal symptoms. This is not about your body yearning for this substance, making you feel the physical and mental consequences to drag you back into the habit. When you stop taking CBD, the only consequence it might have, is the return of the symptoms you had before.

CBD Can Help Stop Other Addictions

Relieve Withdrawal Symptoms With CBD

Not only will you not get addicted to CBD; you can in fact use it to battle other addictions. If you want to quit smoking, gambling or even drugs, you could take CBD to combat withdrawal symptoms. Studies are being conducted to deliver conclusive scientific evidence, but many people claim that CBD has helped them kick their habits. Whatever the specific mechanism is, though, CBD influences the reward system in the brain and can help diminish cravings for substances or unwanted behavior.

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