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Looking to grow some fast flowering cannabis seeds? The Dutch Passion top-5 fastest flowering cannabis seeds (autoflower & fem seeds) is essential reading Fast flowering strains are perfect for growers that want to produce top quality bud in a shorter time. With a faster flowering time then classic photoperiods and higher yields then autoflowers, fast version are going to be a mainstay of your garden. Seeds with the Quickest Flowering Time ✔︎ 24h delivery! ✅ PREMIUM Performance ✅ Enjoy our latest ADDITIONS! You're going to love them!

Top 5 fast growing cannabis seeds

From time to time, some growers find themselves in a position where they simply need a fast growing, fast flowering cannabis strain which they can harvest in the shortest possible time. If you need fast flowering cannabis seeds, we recommend these top 5 strains. Each will deliver a fast, heavy harvest and high THC levels.

How fast does cannabis grow?

How fast does cannabis grow? When grown indoors under 20 hours of daily light, many autoflower seeds will be ready to harvest around 75 days (10-11 weeks) later. In this article you will hear about autoflower strains that are ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks. Feminised seeds often take around 14 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. That’s about 5 weeks of vegetative growth followed by 9 weeks of bloom.

For those that grow their own cannabis seeds at home, speed of harvest is often one of the key considerations. Fast flowering cannabis strains tend to be popular. Slow flowering strains may have plenty of great qualities, but they may not be the right choice for you if you need a fast harvest.

Many commercial growers are under financial pressure to complete a crop cycle as quickly as possible in order to start the next crop. Home growers are often more quality focussed. If you’re only growing a couple of crops per year, you may as well grow the best cannabis seeds you can buy. Most growers want a high quality harvest with above average yields. But they also usually want the convenience of a rapid crop.

The following list of Dutch Passion’s 5 fastest flowering cannabis seeds will make it easy for you to grow your own crop in record time.

Fastest flowering cannabis strains

Bubba Island Kush feminised seeds, as little as 7 weeks in bloom

Indica lovers that want fast flowering seeds will love Bubba Island Kush. These high THC feminised USA cannabis seeds were created by crossing (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush) with a pre ’98 Bubba Kush reverted male. Plants reach an average indoor height of around 1 metre. Indoor cannabis growers will love the speed of flowering. She can be ready in as little as 7-7.5 weeks of bloom. Precede that with 4 weeks of vegetative growth and you can be looking at a crop of Grade-A Kush in a total time period of just 11 weeks.

The buds grown from Bubba Island Kush seeds are particularly potent with a powerful anti-anxiety high. Medical growers will enjoy strong, relaxing and soothing indica body effects. These fast flowering seeds are part of the exclusive Dutch Passion very high THC cannabis seeds category.

Bubba Island Kush leaves can turn very dark during bloom. This gives her a real hash plant appearance with extremely resinous buds and resin-frosted fan leaves. Concentrate makers will love the deliciously rich terpene profile, perfect for making tasty hash, BHO, wax and shatter.

Bubba Island Kush has an earthy Kush aroma but the sour and fruity tones tend to dominate. The heavily frosted buds are dense and compact. They deliver a relaxing high which is deeply satisfying and enjoyable. Anyone looking for a hard-hitting, fast Indica which produces the best quality buds in the shortest time need look no further. These are the best fast flowering feminised Kush seeds in the Dutch Passion collection.

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For those that specialise in quality focussed home growing, few indica strains can match the speed and potency of Bubba Island Kush. This really is fast budding cannabis. Optimise your indoor grow conditions and grow her under LED grow lights for the very best quality harvests.

Optimising your grow room conditions

Bubba Island Kush seeds are part of the ‘USA Special Cannabis Seed’ collection. Expect THC levels of around 20% and a memorable smoke/vape quality. These 20% THC levels are noticeably higher than the average THC levels found in Dutch Coffee shops of around 15-16%. Even ‘premium strength’ Dutch coffeeshop strains (officially measured at around 18% in Dutch Government studies) are not as potent as a well grown Bubba Island Kush.

If you love USA special strains such as Bubba Island Kush then you may also want to check out Dutch Passion’s recommended list of the 5 best USA cannabis seeds.

What are fast flowering cannabis strains?

How quickly a strain grows can be very important. Speed is vital for commercial and covert growers. And recreational cultivators often want their crop as quickly as possible. For many, the answer is fast flowering cannabis. Careful crossbreeding has created a range of fast flowering strains that offer all the benefits of photoperiods while flowering in much less time. Thanks to fast version strains, the fastest growing weed no longer means compromising on quality. But what exactly are these strains and how do they differ from traditional alternatives?

What Are Fast Flowering Strains?

Put simply, fast flowering cannabis is developed by mixing photoperiod and autoflowering strains. More precisely, by crossing the female clone of a feminized photoperiod strain with a feminized auto. This creates a strain that carries the autoflowering gene but is still light-dependent.

While autoflowering genetics aren’t dominant, their presence leads to faster flowering times. The result is a strain that can be harvested sooner while still providing the high yields and levels of potency of a traditional photoperiod.

Photoperiods, Autos and Fast Flowering Strains: What’s the Difference?

It’s a common misconception that fast flowering and autoflowering strains are the same. But standard photoperiods, autos and fast flowering strains are all different.

As the name suggests, autoflowering strains begin flowering automatically, usually around 3-4 weeks after they’re planted. Unlike photoperiod and fast strains, they don’t require changes in the light cycle to induce the end of the vegetation and the start of the flowering phases. As such, they require less interference from growers and are much easier crops to manage. The trade-off is that plants are generally smaller and produce lesser yields.

Photoperiod strains tend to produce bigger plants with higher yields and more potent buds. But they are also more work and take much longer to grow. Most will vegetate indefinitely on a light cycle of between 18-6 and 24-0 hours of light to darkness. Flowering can then be triggered by switching to a 12-12 cycle. This allows growers to control the length of the vegetation period and elongate it, leading to bigger plants and increased harvests. But plants also need more time to grow properly; the average harvest time for photoperiods is around four months after planting.

Fast flowering cannabis seeds also require a change in the light cycle to begin flowering. But unlike photoperiods, they grow quickly; most fast version strains are ready to enter the flowering phase in a maximum of eight weeks.

They also produce bigger, hardier plants than autos, rewarding growers with enhanced yields and more potent buds. Like photoperiod strains, the flowering phase can be initiated by switching to a 12-12 light cycle, though fast strains are usually ready for harvest several weeks earlier.

The Benefits of Fast Flowering Strains

By hitting that sweet spot in between photoperiods and autos, fast flowering strains have a lot to offer. Naturally, their impressive combination of high yields and rapid flowering times is their main source of appeal for most growers. But there are a number of other advantages to growing fast flowering strains. Growers trying a fast strain for the first time can expect to notice a wide range of benefits:

  • Higher yields than autos: with a longer vegetation period, fast strains are able to produce larger, stronger plants with enhanced yields and higher cannabinoid levels.
  • Faster finishing time than photoperiods: their finely tuned genetics mean they’re ready for harvest more quickly than standard photoperiod strains. This is a valuable trait for commercial cultivators and a welcome benefit for recreational growers.
  • More harvests per season: the time shaved off by growing fast flowering seeds instead of photoperiods allows for more growing cycles in the same time period. For many growers, this opens up the possibility of multiple harvests in a single season.
  • Lower indoor growing costs: shorter growing times also mean less time under the lights per harvest. For indoor growers, this can amount to considerable savings — especially if you’re growing multiple plants.
  • They can be cloned: unlike autos, fast flowering strains can be cloned. This photoperiod attribute is also held by fast strains, meaning their clippings can be used to create new mother plants.
  • Fast flowering traits get stronger in subsequent generations: desirable attributes are often watered down when one strain is crossed with another, particularly if alternative characteristics are more dominant in the other parent. But the quick-flowering genetics in fast strains get stronger as they’re passed down, making fast versions great parent strains.
  • They can be grown in almost any climate: many autoflowering and photoperiods struggle to grow in cold and wet climates. But fast flowering cannabis seeds produce robust plants that can thrive in almost any indoor or outdoor environment. The ability to harvest earlier also enables growers to avoid the harshest parts of winter.
  • Plants are more resilient: lots of fast flowering strains have a great natural resilience to mold and fungi. Earlier flowering times also enable outdoor growers to avoid top rot by harvesting before the rainy season.
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Here at MSNL we have a great range of fast flowering cannabis seeds for you to enjoy. From super potent strains to massive yielders, we have something for everyone:

Girl Scout Cookies Fast Flowering

Don’t wait extended periods of time for your Girl Scout Cookies fix, with this fast flowering version. This GSC variety is ready to harvest in less than 8 weeks with all the same traits you love from the original. Including, high yields averaging 400-500gr/m² potent levels of THC reaching 25%+, and well-balanced hybrid effects.

Gelato Fast Flowering

For bountiful, beautiful and tasty results, in less time Gelato Fast Flowering is the perfect strain to turn to. This variety is ready in just 6-8 weeks, produces yields from 500-600gr/m² and offers rich, sweet and fruity aromas. This well-balanced hybrid boasts high levels of THC of around 20-24% with effects that are suitable for daytime or nighttime use.

Amnesia Fast Flowering

A classic sativa dominant strain known for it its cerebral, uplifting and Euphoric effects. This strain boast all the same great characteristics as the original but flowers in half the time. Yielding an impressive 400g – 500g/m2, and THC content of 20-24%, Amnesia Fast is the perfect plant for sativa lovers.

Blue Cinderella 99 Fast Flowering

The legendary sativa Cinderella 99 crossed with the multi award winning Blueberry, in a fast flowering version. This exciting strain is ready for harvest in under 8 weeks, and the results speak for themselves. Buds are potent and plants are incredibly high-yielding, with expected yields of 400g – 500g/m2.

Bruce Banner Fast Flowering

Power, potency and a plentiful supply of buds. A photoperiod with all the associated benefits, ready for harvest in just 6-8 weeks. A strain known for it’s super potent THC levels and combination of mood-elevating and sedative effects, Bruce Banner Fast is a strain that does everything well.

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Og Kush Fast Flowering

All the pedigree of the original OG Kush packed into a fast-flowering photoperiod. Offering a well-balanced high that stimulates the mind and relaxes the body. Flowering in under 8 weeks and producing long, dense buds of between 20-24% THC, OG Kush Fast Flowerings attributes are to be admired.

Power Plant Fast Flowering

A strain that guarantees humongous yields of 500g – 600g/m2 and a superbly well-rounded buzz. Its 50-50 indica-sativa genetics combine to produce a high that simultaneously cerebral and bodily, making it a versatile recreational strain with a massive range of medicinal uses.

To Sum It Up

Once upon a time, to cultivate the fastest growing weed meant sacrificing yields or even quality. But fast flowering strains have changed that. Meticulous experimentation and breeding has created a range of strains that promise speed without compromise; fast flowering and high-yielding are no longer competing characteristics. The perfect middle-ground between autos and photoperiods, fast version strains are the best of both worlds when it comes to feminized cannabis strains.

Fast Seeds

Fast cannabis seeds by Humboldt Seeds are photo-dependent strains with a really fast flowering phase, which means that they flower between 1 and 2 weeks faster than the standard versions. Humboldt Seeds’ Fast genetics have been created from the cross of their classic strains with their best autoflowering varieties. Fast strains are ideal for impatient growers eager to obtain their precious harvests, as well as for growers in northern areas with adverse weather conditions, wishing to grow our classic Humboldt genetics whilst retaining all their top qualities. See more >

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Fast Seeds

Fast strains, also known as Quick or Early Version strains, derive from crosses with selected autoflowering genetics; so even though they are not actually autoflowering, they carry the autoflowering gene. They are F1 Hybrids characterized by their ability to shift from the vegetative to the flowering phase in record time.

Fast cannabis plants grow non-stop until the photoperiod is changed and the blooming starts, which does not usually exceed 8 weeks.

Growing Fast Flowering cannabis seeds provides numerous benefits:

  • Fast strains can be grown in northern regions like Great Britain, Germany, or Russia, as they can be harvested before the arrival of cold and humid weather.
  • They are feminized plants that will be ready for harvest in a short space of time, which allows for more indoor grows in a given time.
  • Another advantage of the Fast plants is that they are bigger than the autoflowering strains, and therefore deliver more abundant yields.
  • Fast strains are similar to their feminized relatives, but their flowering time is faster and they can be grown in almost any climate conditions with great results.

These are some of the most iconic Humbold Seeds’ genetics in their Fast Version:

  • Fast Flowering OGKZ: the super fast version of this classic Californian strain. The American dream, now available to all growers.
  • Fast Flowering Green Crack: a faster Indica; a stable strain with high humidity resistance. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this super exotic, flavorful and relaxing strain!

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